About The Law Office Of Steven Shaw

Without an attorney's help, it can be difficult to get the Social Security Disability benefits that many need to survive. Unlike like other lawyers, Steven Shaw truly cares about the outcome of the claims of the people he represents, and has spent his legal career helping people get the benefits they deserve.

His background includes 10 years at a nonprofit agency providing legal help to those with disabilities, building a reputation for his patience and individualized, caring rapport with clients. Please read his biography by clicking the link below to learn more about Steven Shaw's experience.

At the Law Office of Steven Shaw, you will work directly with him and only him. The firm takes cases selectively and focuses on doing a good job for clients in Social Security Disability cases. He provides a free, one-on-one, private consultation. You may also include a friend or family member during the consultation to help provide details and information about your case if that would make you feel more comfortable. He reduces the level of stress by helping his clients understand every step of the process.

How Can I Afford Hiring The Law Office Of Steven Shaw?

Steven Shaw does not require a retainer fee, and will represent you on an agreement of contingency. That means you do not owe him any money unless he is successful at winning your claim.

Seeing You To The Finish Line To Win Your Claim

Whether you are just starting out in the process or have experienced a denial of your disability claim, Steven Shaw will see you to the end of the process. On cases involving children with disabilities, he has a particular edge, with more experience in this area than many attorneys in California. Compared to adult Social Security claims, these cases are extra complicated and less desirable for most lawyers.

Contact The Law Office Of Steven Shaw

Based in Healdsburg, Steven Shaw represents clients throughout Mendocino, Lake and Marin counties, as well as the Santa Rosa metro and Sonoma county. Call today to make an appointment at 707-636-4915. You may also contact him online.