Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me navigate the federal disability highway. I did not see a successful completion without your professional help and diligence. I am so grateful. Now I will be able to pursue further medical care that I have previously been denied. Thank you again for your considerable help.

Steve did what I did not think could be done. Hassle free and successful. I owe him a lot more than he got. Thanks Steve!

If it was not for Steve Shaw I would still be fighting with Social Security. When other people ask me I recommend Steve Shaw. I am very satisfied with my outcome.

I am very grateful, if it hadn't been for Steve Shaw, I would not have received my benefits. Thank you, Steve.

My experience with Mr. Shaw was very successful. He made me feel like I was his only client. He got me through everything quickly and successfully. I thank Mr. Shaw gratefully for moving the process and making this experience less stressful for me. Thank you...

Thanks to Steven Shaw I won my disability case on final appeal. He is soft spoken and was able to easily make me understand the process and what to expect. He always made me feel comfortable and valued. Without his help and skill I I don't believe I would have won my case. He was able to get the judge to review the hard facts of my medical records which no one before appears to have done. I am most grateful!

Steve made the whole court process stress free. It couldn't have gone any easier.

The Social Security process was long and scary at times. I would never have completed the process without the excellent professional help I received from Steven Shaw. Steven is an excellent communicator showing great compassion, understanding, kindness and patience and a sense of humor. His integrity in regard to my medical and legal matters was remarkable. I always felt understood and emotionally supported when I was low and vulnerable to a legal system I knew very little about.

I had a particularly complicated case involving a rare genetic disorder. I thanked Steve for even taking my case, much less winning it for me. Because of his preparation, the hearing itself went very smoothly. I'm thankful to have used his services and would recommend him to anyone.

Steve is patient, dedicated, incredibly hard-working, and in my mind an example to his fellow attorneys. He was very clear about a confusing process, available for questions and explanations, and his guidance throughout was so important especially during long waiting periods. I would recommend Steve to anyone with disability legal issues - you can't do any better!

Was very good protecting my rights very professional.

I was scared as heck (during the Social Security process) - just plain scared! I am also seeing a psychologist (same one - again - now) and I thank you Steve for your compassion. You gave me strength to keep going. I would see you again in a second, if needed. Thank you for everything. I used to work for lawyers for a lot of years - you are special. The lawyer jokes? With you - FORGET THEM - they don't apply!! Thanks (heart symbol).

I felt relief. I didn't know anything. Thank you for helping me, I'm getting help. I really don't understand a lot so your were a big help for me. Still in pain. Forgetting a lot, trying to recover from sexual abuse, it seems I'll never heal but thank you for your help. God bless you.

Steve Shaw enabled me to get through a very difficult time in my life and the difficulties dealing with Social Security. Myself and my family were able to continue to keep up with the challenges and not give up. Steve worked hard for me and I will always be very happy to recommend his services to anyone. Thank you, Steve.

Mr. Shaw explained to me the importance of helping him with our case by getting all the needed documents from my doctors and other medical facilities to save time and money on my behalf. He stayed in touch with me during the whole process of my case. Thanks Steve, good to hear from you again!

Thank you for your continued concern for me. The spiraling Social Security economy does effect me hard, but I make a daily effort to remember and practice the good old fashion way - pinching, saving every penny found on the ground (they do add up) - baking, making gifts that truly mean more and above all my keeping strong my spiritual belief. You, Steven, are an example of answered prayer. Your understanding and precise professional expertise in a time of need was a blessing. You were very clear in my health information. The best of blessings to you in your new law office in continually helping the weak and disabled. Please continue to keep in touch. I know you care.

I am not a writer of words. He did to my case the best that can be done, and explained everything to me very good. I have no complaints. He helped me twice.

I don't remember very well because I was very, very sick at the time and I also have some short-term memory loss. But what I do remember was feeling that he saved my life (I was planning to live in my car when my savings ran out). He got things going quickly and the Social Security money arrived in the nick of time. I think I would have died of stress plus my disabilities if Steve had not taken charge to advocate for me when he did. Thank you, Steve. I have told others about you, and now I will tell more people.

He was great and I will always if I need a good lawyer to go to Steve Shaw. Thank you so much.

Mr. Shaw was very helpful and assertive in his duties. My case was tedious, but concrete to where he was able to succeed in winning my case. Very professional and sympathetic. Thank you Mr. Shaw for all you've done.

He is very professional and down to earth when it comes to dealing with the department of Social Security.

Mr. Shaw made everything O.K. I did my part by bringing in all the paperwork I didn't understand - he explained it, answered it and won my case for me. Thank you Mr. Shaw!

A true professional, he was there for me every step of the way. He put everything into perspective the first time the right way. Complete satisfaction - kind, courteous and direct professional approach. I hired the right man to get the right results. Thanks to Steven Shaw I live better now. His help was unlimited and deeply caring.

Steve Shaw won my case and also my gratitude, through his delightful blend of efficiency and compassion. I'd be homeless and probably dead without his help. Steve's an angel!

Steve Shaw helped me very much. He gave me his all, his knowledge, time and I really enjoyed working with him to continue to receive my benefits. I hope he will be available to help me again if so needed.

He is very kind, concerned, courteous, well-informed, and sympathetic. He seems intelligent and explains things understandably and patiently. He also follows up by contacting me at intervals with updates on my case, answers to my questions when I leave him messages, or just to find out how I am doing and if I have questions. He seems to be a very likable and thoughtful person, and I am grateful and glad to have met him. Thank you!

I was trying to navigate my own way through the Social Security claims process for about one and a half years before I finally enlisted the help of Steven Shaw. Once Steven took on my case everything went through very fast and smoothly and he helped ease any anxiety and fears that I had. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who is on the Social Security claims road. Very kind, concerned, courteous, well-informed, and sympathetic.

I was very pleased the way he handled my case, took time explaining everything to me where I was able to understand he was very helpful and still is he is there whenever I need him.

Thank you, Steve, for advocating for me when I had no other advocate. I was living on Social Security with my two kids and a family member had provided me with a working car. You helped me to not be penalized for obtaining a car that runs! I could not have fought that battle alone. He took time explaining everything to me where I was able to understand.
He explained step by step the process of Social Security. And everything was done to help. I could not have gotten my Social Security without his help.

Mr. Shaw was very professional. He always returned calls in a timely manner. He followed through on all of his commitments and most importantly he had our claim settled without ever having to go to trial. It was amazing how he enabled the adjuster to see the medical needs that qualified me for SSDI. He really helped them to understand my needs because he understands me.

Steve, from the get-go you were honest about what you could and couldn't help me with. I was embarrassed about asking for help because of mental illness, but you put me at ease immediately with your professional, friendly demeanor. Thank you!

The disability process for me lasted for years and was very grueling. I had been denied benefits twice and had had a court appearance (where it felt like I was on criminal trial for having gotten ill and requesting Social Security benefits). Adding to this difficulty of an already stressful experience was the problem that I had contracted with an incompetent, unethical disability advocate. When I learned there was to be a second in-person court appearance for yet another hearing, it became undeniably clear that I needed and deserved better representation, or risk the denial of benefits. I wish now, of course, that I had hired Steve Shaw sooner than I did. It would have spared me much time and emotional distress, and, I believe, I would have won benefits with just one court appearance hearing. Alas, I learned the fool's way what I gladly pass on the any disability applicant: disability advocates take the exact same commission that attorneys do (even if, like the one I had, he/she states they take less). Advocates, unlike attorneys, need not prove that they are thoroughly versed in disability and labor laws. There are no tests to pass, no certification process. They are not upheld to any code of ethics or standards of morality. They haven't an obligation to keeping your confidentiality either. I met with Steve Shaw, spending no less than an hour together (the advocate I first hired would not make time to meet in person with me). He decided to take my case even though it would require much extra work to follow an incompetent representative's efforts. I dismissed the incompetent, Steve postponed my second hearing, and I began to relax in a way that I had previously not been able to. The confidence I felt in Steve was the same feeling that I get when the doctor and the specialist instills in me the competence, the intelligence, and the caring that, as a patient, I am always hoping for and looking for. And, as these same doctors have engaged with me in a relationship of mutual respect and unfolding genuine friendships, so has Steve Shaw. This so tremendously helps to lift some of the emotional burden of illness/injury/disability. It was easy right away to recognize that Steve is an attorney that has high standards for himself. It was clear that he would pour over my medical records and the law that would apply to my case with a keen eye and best intentions - exactly as I would if I had the training. It really mattered to him! He told me I was entitled to benefits and it helped to hear this as I was struggling with the mental state of becoming disabled and asking for financial assistance. I had heard enough surprising comments from some friends that clearly indicated the pervasive societal attitude that if you don't (can't) work anymore, then you are "lazy", "wimpy", "sucking the system", or just not trying hard enough. Steve is a respectful attorney. He respected my choices, my decisions, as well. When appropriate, he would present options and give the possible or probable outcome, back off, remaining quiet until I could arrive at my own decision. By the time I had my second in-person court appearance, I felt quite comfortable with Steve and that, in turn, made the courtroom experience more comfortable. Plus, the confidence in my representative was extremely comforting. He was well prepared and of calm presence. The hearing began to become an experience almost enjoyable! It was not without some quiet humor either (I didn't tell you yet that Steve has a good sense of humor). For me, Steve Shaw was a good ally, a good choice of disability attorney. I am convinced that without his help, I would not have won my benefits. I was up against one of the toughest judges - lucky for me I had one of the best disability attorneys.